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Ohio State Endowment Fund:

Anyone who ever attended The Ohio State University knows that being a Buckeye is something special. It’s not just a place “where you went to school”. Once you’re a Buckeye, you are a member of a very large family which will support you for the rest of your life. 

Woody Hayes was a big proponent of “Paying Forward”.  If you’re not familiar with the concept, instead of trying to pay back people who have been influential and supportive of you in your life, you should pay forward by being influential and supportive in someone else’s life. 

The OSU Indy Alumni Club is now giving our members the opportunity to “pay forward” and create more members of the Buckeye family. We have set up a scholarship endowment fund for Indiana high school students who want to attend The Ohio State University.  We decided to start the endowment at OSU so that we could be a part of the Presidents Club.  With being a part of the Presidents Club we are able to get tickets which will then use as raffle items.  With having the Endowment Fund through OSU, we are able to maintain a fund that is self sustaining so we are not always trying to raise funds for scholarships. 

2010 was the first year that the endowment fund paid out 4% for us to give to scholarship winners.  We continue to contribute additional club funds to the scholarship winners as well.   A portion of all of our fund raisers proceeds are allocated to the scholarship fund each year.   

We need your help, along with your employer, colleagues and friends who will like to support The Ohio State University.  Any current member of the Presidents Club can have their annual donations made to our endowment fund!  If any alumni work for either Lilly, Baker Hill or Sallie Mae they will match your donation to the endowment fund.  Many employer match higher education donations.  Your company may be one of them.  Please find out.  Even a $25 donation from you may be matched and be a $50 donation to the scholarship fund.  Donations can be made by check or credit card directly to the OSU endowment fund. 

Go the Indy Buckeyes website and click on the direct link to make your contribution.  It is that easy.  If you make a donation directly to OSU for the greater Indianapolis Endowment Fund please email Christine Konvolinka.  We want to make sure that we get your name on our website so everyone knows that you made the contribution.   All donations are tax-deductible. 


Endowment Fund ID 663396)

Also,  if a member wants to keep their sustaining status they need to donate $75 per year to any fund at the University, most notably you can donate to our Club Scholarship Endowment Fund.  That donation gets you the sustaining membership status with OSUAA and is money in the Club Scholarship Endowment Fund.
Win-win.  There are two easy ways an alum/friend/fan can donate:
1. Alum writes a check for $75 to the Ohio State University and gives to a Club officer and we forward to OSUAA.
2. Alum donates $75 online at   Very easy, takes about 3 minutes and you use your own personal credit card and get an emailed donation receipt for the tax benefit.  You get your sustaining status with OSUAA!
So, help out future Buckeyes and donate now to the Club Scholarship Endowment Fund!  Thank you and Go Bucks!